January 04, 2010

recycling for recovery

This Christmas I decided to use all recycled paper and ribbons from last year (or different things I found laying around the house) and I found the attention to details, the reminder of the things I can use as creative means, and the love and care I put into the packages allowed me to find a soothing and almost meditative calmer for the hectic holidays. (The flower on top of the glittery packages I also knitted for my sister, one more meditative and peaceful project for the year).

for my sister (unfortunately the picture is rather blurry)
for my brother in law

for my two year old nephew

and for queen-mother


Megan said...

You are obviously gifted artistically. What do you want to do with your gifts?

Jordan and the committee said...

So pretty! I get compliments on my rose a lot! You are the best gift-giver.

linea said...

I find that being artistic is helpful in everything I do. I'm not sure what I want to pursue with them quite yet, but I know that I love to write, take pictures and make music, so possibly a combination of all three!