January 15, 2010


Found a beautiful poem by Tino Villanueva in the wonderful poetry book, Living in Storms: contemporary poetry and the moods of manic-depression edited by Thom Schramm. This book was suggested to me by my amazing and lovely poetry teacher Sam Green. (Everyone should check out his poems as well). But for now, read this and feel revived:


So I depend again upon myself.
I've taught this part of me
to go unruined
through all enormous lessons
on defeat.
I've taught this part of me
to thrive among despair,
to be imperative
among chaotic numbers.
Though I may fall away from time to time
like draggled weeds in winter,
breathing thick stern air
in some back shadows of the walk,
I spring again from me,
from the dead quiet of my roots--
listen to me move.

By dawn
I am presence fixed
in the eyes of men.


Megan said...

Beautiful. I will have to read that book!

erika said...

Wow. Beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy C said...

That's so cool. I've been meaning to visit you for some time...via your mom and Erika's recommendations.

I love the idea of added wisdom. I just finished the book "Parallel Play" by Tim Page---he discussed how his Asperger's Syndrome has led him to his lifelong twin passions--music and writing. Although he acknowledges his struggles, he says he is grateful for this lens as well.

So nice to meet you!

linea said...

Nancy C, nice to meet you as well! Glad your following!

Megan and Erica, I'm glad you found it as beautiful as I did. I will be putting more from that book periodically because I continue to find amazing poems in it!