December 03, 2010


My first video blog. Let me know what you think. For more info on the people I talk about check out Delaney Ruston (, Patrick Kennedy's newest mental health project (, Glenn Close's mental health anti-stigma campaign (, and Pete Early's book Crazy (


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your blogging and now "Vlogging". I am a mom to a a beautiful 15 year old daughter who was recently (this past year) diagnosed with bipolar disorder- most likely bipolar 2. Seeing what a beautiful young woman you have become is so encouraging and I loved seeing your Vlog. Please keep posting- you are helping more people than you know. I hope some day to bring my daughter see to you and your mom give a talk. Please take care of yourself- definitely put down the mental health books- and read something different!!

Allison Tetzlaff said...

You are beautiful. Don't let your ED tell you otherwise