December 15, 2013

To write

I have not written here since May of 2012, and today I am here to say that I am going to start writing again. Creating again. I have been so busy traveling and trying to make enough money to pay my bills I have found myself believing that I am too tired to write, too tired to be creative. Years ago, when I was initially writing the book I wrote out of necessity. I wrote because I couldn’t breathe until I did. I wrote because it kept me moving forward and not stuck in the intangible circling images, thoughts and feelings in my head. Now I find myself needing it again. I spend my days at work feeling stuck and stagnant. Not growing. But I have realized it is my lack of creativity. My lack of art. I cannot live without creating and it has been too long. My rising anxiety levels tell me it is time to move forward in my life. I am getting closer to graduate school, and recently got accepted to Brown’s Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program. But I cannot do this alone. I can’t do advocacy without art, activism without creativity. So, today I have decided to write again. To take photographs again. To allow myself to think deeper and express myself on paper rather than become paralyzed by emotions I cannot convey in my head alone.


Unknown said...

I look forward to reading your blog. Can't wait to see your next entry. Congratulations on Brown and good luck!

Fruitcake Sandwich said...

Fate... led us to a hospital last week with 1 open bed for our 17 year old daughter ... to her bipolar diagnosis ... to your book ... and tonight to your 1st blog since your book release. Your book helped me so much last week and I am thankful you will remain in this journey with my family

Cindy Swain said...

The world is a better place with your words. Glad to hear you are taking up the pen (or keyboard) again. Looking forward to reading your blog.

M. Martinez said...

Your soul's voice flows thru your writing, and it captures attention. Keep it up, don't stop. Don't write just to write, write because it is the passion that drives you.
And you will never go wrong.
More power :)

Anonymous said...

Start. Pick up the pen. Feel it in your hand.

*Thank you and your mom for the book. My dog, Lucy, took up the book too. She managed to mangle the cover, binding and the last, maybe 8 pages? Via the web, I found you; successful, managing, growing, leading and fully exploring your options. From the bottom of my dark place I find myself writing to you. Looking up, I see your bright star.