September 27, 2010

Reappearing Linea

Once again I have disappeared into a land of excitement, confusion, and way too many things to do. But now I'm back! If you have missed hearing my longer pieces please please visit my posts on the BringChange2Mind blog where I am a writer and editor. I recently did a series of blogs on my journey from diagnosis to empowerment, the "empowerment" post is not up yet, but I will update you when it is. Now that I have some additional amazing bloggers (Jeremy and Marc) on the BC2M blog team I will now be posting much more here.

Other exciting things that have happened are the fact that I have yet another new job, am a finalist in the DBSA Speak and Be Heard Contest, and have a podcast up with the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. I'm hoping the link will be at the bottom of the post, but knowing my lack of understanding of html code it may not work. If not please visit there site here.

The job is going to be very fun. I am the project director on a project funded by SAMHSA's What a Difference a Friend Makes grant. We are going to be holding an art contest for youth artists 18-25 living in Washington state who have experienced a mental health condition. More on this to come, but it will be very exciting and fun ending with a big Gala exhibit and art tour.

 Well, that's all for tonight. Just wanted you all to know I was still alive:)