May 20, 2012

Perfect Chaos Has Hit the Shelves!

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you all know that Perfect Chaos has hit the shelves! Buy it from your local independent bookstore, buy it on e-book, buy it however you want to read it! Know that it has been a long time coming and has finally arrived! It has been a whirlwind tour since the launch two Tuesday's ago, with a trip to New York, two book launches, one with the lovely and wonderfully, generous Glenn Close, a reading at my favorite store (Elliott Bay), a beautiful party with the Flawless foundation where I met Tipper Gore and the beautiful Sarah Deanna. So many things to go on about but I am too exhausted to tell all from here, so...I promise a longer post and more wonderful pictures to come. For now check out beautiful book launch pictures on our Linea/Cinda fan page on Facebook and our amazingly beautiful Elliott Bay picture on Flicker. So exciting but exhausting. Thank you all for your fabulous support and love for the book. You make all the hectic schedule and secret telling worth it:)

Good Night and I promise more soon!