February 26, 2012

It's almost here!

Just returned from New York last week with the Advanced Reader's Copy of Perfect Chaos in hand! So amazing to hold our book in a solid, compact, book sized form as opposed to endless pages on a computer or a 320 loose printed manuscript. Preorder now through MacMillan's list of book sellers: http://us.macmillan.com/perfectchaos/LineaJohnson
Perfect Chaos (St. Martin's Press), out May 8th!


alyssa said...

Yay, so soon! Congratulations, Linea.

sara said...

That's great! I have been trying to write my story and it is hard. Ghostwriters are too expensive and I am not a writer but I want to get my story out there as well. I live with a few mental illnessess, bi polar disorder w/psychotic features being ONE of them! I also raised my daughter, alone, who lives with bi polar disorder! Let's just say, it was a rollar coaster ride from hell! I knew at age 12 something was wrong with me, I just didn't know what but I wasn't diagnosed until age 30!! I suffered for years and told no one! My daughter was diagnosed after me because I saw signs in her I recognized in me, she was 13. My story is still going on, I was recently diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, now called DID (dissasociative identity disorder.) I was in denial for a very long time & even still have a hard time rapping my head around it but it does answer a lot of questions I have and fill in a lot of blanks from past experiences and present as well. Did you write your own book or have a ghost writer or help of any kind? Do you have any advice for me? Thank you, I would appreciate any advice or help. Good luck with your book! I look forward to reading it!